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Refresh & Renew Advanced Teeth Whitening offers professional, affordable, effective, and quick teeth whitening without the gum and tooth sensitivity that other methods incur. 

Teeth will be 2 to 4 times whiter with just one 15 minute treatment with our professional-grade LED lights.
The whitening results are safe and impressive and the "Wow!" factor is huge.

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Relax and Renew during your teeth whitening session. Choose a complimentary hand or eye mask while you listen to music, catch up on emails, or watch your favorite Netflix series.

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20 Minute Session


The shortest teeth whitening sessions designed only to lift topical stains and continue whitening maintenance.

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40 Minute Session


The most popular teeth whitening treatment. The first 15-20 minutes will lift topical stains, while the second 15-20 minute is focused on deeper and older stains.

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60 Minute Session


The most powerful teeth whitening service. For lifting heavy stains out of teeth from lifelong lifestyles such as smoking, coffee, tea, etc.

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